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Gene Smar ersmar at verizon.net
Mon Jan 25 09:35:59 PST 2010


     I neglected to comment in my previous post about a significant issue with LPs.  The boom halves as well as the elements are all above RF ground.  Scroll down a bit on http://www.tennadyne.com/assembly.htm and you'll see a boom-to-mast insulator.  Essentially, the boom halves serve as an open-wire transmission line from the coax/balun back to the last elements pairs.  It is essential that you keep this in mind when planning your stations.  Those who are in lightning-prone areas may wish to shunt the boom halves to the mast with suitable RF chokes, perhaps at the boom-to-mast plate, much as some have done with their Yagi DEs when using them as top-loading for low band operation.  

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