[TowerTalk] Downhill anchors

Ed Swiderski, KU4BP ku4bp at triad.rr.com
Mon Jan 25 10:00:17 PST 2010

After seeing my planned tower location become literally washed away. A flat
area but considered a flood plane. (Got VERY flooded after weekend rain,
almost a pond) I'm looking at putting my planned tower against my house. The
thing that I am being puzzled about is how the land slopes down quite a bit
away from the base. This is where one of the guy anchors will go. Is there
some additional calculations that I need to do? I'm guessing that it is no
more than 10 feet below where the base will be.

I'm thinking that maybe I would have to keep the angles of the guys constant
and just extend the length to the anchor to compensate for the drop in land,
but I'm not sure. What I'm thinking is that if there is, say, 10 feet of
drop. Using that and the angle required for the guys I can trig out the
distance needed from the tower base. As I said, I'm guessing on what to do.
Am I on the right track with my theory or am I off base?

Thank you, 

Ed Swiderski KU4BP

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