[TowerTalk] HDX 72' Tower

Kevin Normoyle knormoyle at surfnetusa.com
Sat Jan 30 15:50:56 PST 2010

I've bought 3 used towers. (hmm.. actually 4 but I sold one)
All involve labor and materials to bring them up to snuff.
power wire brushing, pressure wash, phosphoric acid wash before cold 
galvanizing paint, replacement of most bolts, refurb of pulleys (usually 
bearings are shot), new cables, usually new winch. New anchor bolts or 
base. new a325 bolts to attach to base.
I've had a rotor plate made for one.

If you're dealing with used towers, I think you really want to have 
cable crimp tools and be comfortable with your skills and knowledge in 
that area.

While possible, it's rare to find a tower that you can install as if you 
just bought it new.
I usually rent a truck for the heavy 72' towers, so there's moving costs.
I'd say on average you've got $1000 of materials and labor before you 
can use any used tower.

Unless someone's selling a used tower that's only been up <5 years, I 
can't see them being worth more than $1000. Unless you just throw it up 
"as is" and don't care about any issues.

Heck I sold one 52' tower that a bought but didn't use, and delivered it 
for free just to make it easy to find someone to sell it too. It was the 
best condition one I got.

That all said, it's kind of cool using the old stuff, has a "being 
green" feel. And yeah it's cheaper, but not everyone can deal with the 
Sellers are free to try to do whatever they like, but there's a reason 
they are sometimes hard to get rid of...it can be a hassle dealing with old.

Also, there are some design issues with some of the older crankups. And 
if people say there's an electric motor, it's usually worthless, but not 
in their minds.

I can't see paying more than $1000 for a 72' used crankup.  Yeah I'm 
saving money, but on the other hand, regardless of what the seller might 
think, the reality is there aren't many customers who want to deal with 
the issues. If there were, they wouldn't sell cheap!

Maybe the CA towers selling used are typically older. If East Coast used 
towers are just 5-10 years old, that could explain it. Some of the used 
towers here have been through more than one previous owner.


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