[TowerTalk] US Tower damaged by lightning - now cable lubing

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>  I think I've read (I'm hedging, as I could be wrong)  that US Tower does 
recommend the cable lube spray that Steve sells,  though I have used it in
the past.  
    I've heard that and it's total bunk. The LXC  Prime Directive says to 
"DO what the manufacturer says". In this case, UST is  NOT the manufacturer 
of the wire rope cables so IMO their advice is ill  advised and wrong. Wire 
rope manufacturers want the cables lubricated since  they'll be in motion and 
the strands will be rubbing against each other  causing wear. Ham use is 
only occasional use as opposed to  commercial applications where there may be 
dozens or hundreds  of daily use cycles but it's a good thing to do 
nonetheless. Most  crank-up towers that creak and groan before lubrication are  
typically totally quiet afterwards. 
    Anyway, the proper cable lubricant is a thin  material that'll soak 
into the strands and doesn't leave a sticky residue. _www.championradio.com_ 
(http://www.championradio.com)  carries the  PreLube which is what the wire 
rope manufacturers recommend. 
    All tower manufacturers are insurance-driven  enterprises so 
discouraging you from climbing around their tower and sticking  your arms in the tower 
spraying the cables reduces their risk exposure.  In all cases lock the 
tower down with 2x4's or pieces of pipe and your risk  should be minimal. 
Steve     K7LXC

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