[TowerTalk] lube on cables

Jim Miller KG0KP JimMiller at STL-OnLine.Net
Mon May 3 09:24:28 PDT 2010

This is "grain of salt" stuff.  #1. you are asking for infirmation they 
could be sued over if something fails.  #2 You are asking a salesman who 
makes his money selling.  #3. I bet Roger has more real "experience" at 
towers and cables than somebody answering the phone for a manufacturer who 
only sees new towers and cables.

I'll take Rogers advice keeping what the salesman said in the back of my 
mind and inspecting it carefully.

JMHO, 73, de Jim KG0KP

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> This is the answer I got from UST when I asked about lube on the cables on 
> a TX-455 that I bought used.
> We actually don't recommend putting anything on the cables at all.  It can 
> make them slip from the pulley's on the tower.   We recommend changing the 
> cable's every 3-4 years depending on the area you live in.   You can use 
> bee's wax on the tower to help the tower extend and retract cleaner.
> Dale K8NKE
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