[TowerTalk] Telescoping TV Mast Installation questions

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     If you decide to go the push-up mast route, I suggest you NOT use the 
cotter pins that typically come with these masts.  (FYI - my RS mast came 
with three cotter pins to use to hold the sections up once each was pushed 
up.)  I drilled out the holes in the mast sections where the cotters pins 
were supposed to go and instead used 1/4 hardware.  To me the cotter pins 
were too flimsy to withstand the shearing force of a heavy Ham antenna load.

     Also, assemble the mast horizontally on the ground and insert the bolts 
between sections; you won't need to install the nuts, etc. Then place an 
alignment mark across each tubing joint with an indelible marker so you can 
align each section (extension and twist) as you push it up.  Nothing worse 
than trying to figure out where the d#&!ed holes are when you have an arm 
full of heavy antenna mast.  (Don't ask.)

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F

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> Just a followup on the TV antenna pushup masts question I posted several 
> weeks ago. I'm hoping to have one installed on a fairly steep roof on a 
> two story house, mainly to support an 80-Meter inverted vee and a small 
> 2M/UHF ground plane antenna.
> I just returned from a trip to the Fresno, CA area. In many towns along 
> the way from Sacramento to the Fresno area, I noticed that there were many 
> of the old 40' - 50' pushup TV masts still supporting VHF and UHF TV 
> antennas. It appeared that these masts had been put up many years ago, and 
> many had missing/broken sets of guy wires. But they were still straight, 
> holding up the TV antennas after many years (decades?) So it appears that 
> these masts may still be a good support to use for some small ham antennas 
> like I hope to install. I just need to find the people to hire who are 
> properly and safely qualified to do the install.
> Thanks for all the suggestions.
> Larry K7LJ
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>>When TV was young my family had a 50 foot Rohn Push up mast.  Ours was
>>installed ground mount next to the house.  This was about 1953.
>>I remember there were two types of house mounting.  There was a flat plate
>>to mount the mast
>>on a flat portion of the roof.  There was also a mount for the top of the
>>roof that fit the pitch.  A TV repair man made a living for a number of
>>installing these with a Channel master TV antenna at the top.
>>I was located 150 miles from New Orleans and TV station WDSU required such
>>an installation for decent reception.  We were happy when TV stations in
>>Jackson, Ms  Baton Rouge, and Monroe appeared at 70 to 90 miles.
>>I watched these TV pros install several of these in our area and after
>>putting one up at Field day years later I suggest a professional
>>Dave K4JRB
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