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It ain't towertalk unless you think your tower is going down. It does NOT 
call for an end to the world.  No one really knows why the calendar does not 

Scholars, scientists and  mystics disagree about what we should expect on 
Dec. 21, 2012, when the Maya's "Long Count" calendar marks the end of a 
5,126-year era.
Widespread catastrophe, creation of a "true balance between Divine Feminine 
and Masculine" or a "change in the nature of consciousness," assisted by 
indigenous insights and psychedelic drug use are just some of the media 

Most scholars bristle at attempts to link the ancient Maya with trends in 
contemporary spirituality. Maya civilization, known for advanced writing, 
mathematics and astronomy, flourished for centuries in Mesoamerica, 
especially between A.D. 300 and 900. Its Long Count calendar, which was 
discontinued under Spanish colonization, tracks more than 5,000 years, then 
does seem to reset at year zero.

Sandra Noble, executive director of the Foundation for the Advancement of 
Mesoamerican Studies says all the end of world and similar hype is "a 
complete fabrication and a chance for a lot of people to cash in."

Part of the 2012 mystique probably stems from the stars. On the winter 
solstice in 2012, the sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way 
for the first time in about 26,000 years. This means that "whatever energy 
typically streams to Earth from the center of the Milky Way will indeed be 
disrupted on 12/21/12 at 11:11 p.m. Universal Time.

Scientists doubt the ancient Maya extrapolated great meaning from 
anticipating the alignment - if they were even aware of what the 
configuration would be. Astronomers generally agree that "it would be 
impossible the Maya themselves would have known that," says Susan Milbrath, 
a Maya archaeoastronomer and a curator at the Florida Museum of Natural 
History. What's more, she says, "we have no record or knowledge that they 
would think the world would come to an end at that point."

University of Florida anthropologist Susan Gillespie says the 2012 
phenomenon comes "from media and from other people making use of the Maya 
past to fulfill agendas that are really their own."

All the above from some of the 1,980.000 hits I got on Google for 'mayan 
calendar end of world prediction'.

So don't hold your breath and now to the important stuff.

I too used  an aluminum 2 inch 6061T6 20 foot .375 wall mast with a TH7 in 
Portland OR for years without a problem but do agree that a good steel mast 
like chromalloy is a better choice; I used it because it was available for 
the right price. I would not trust the aluminum with much wind load in 
sustained high winds like the coast where I now live.


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So, if that prediction is correct, then it's hardly worth renewing my
subscription to the human race then!    John G3JVC

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It's a reference to the Inca calendar. It calls for the world to end on
that date.

73, Mike NF4L

Bill Aycock wrote:
> Please-- What is the significance (meaning) of that insignificant (size)
> cryptic statement?
> Bill--W4BSG
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>> ...it will all end on 12/21/2012  ;-)
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