[TowerTalk] 2" T-6 mast

jim wb5aaa at windstream.net
Thu May 6 10:15:37 PDT 2010

Is this a good Idea?

Here is my plan
Mast is 2" od  / 1.5" id   T-6
20 ft long
I plan on    2el  5 band    Quad  10ft  3"boom  total weight about 50 lbs.

I have  Rohn  45   65ft with a home made  hazer 

My plan was to place the Quad so all the elements were above the top of the
So that would place the  quad boom about 15ft above the rotator..
Then at the very top I would have a 2m/440 vertical

from the shack of
73 de JIM

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