[TowerTalk] My 48' Delhi Self Supporter folded over

Jim Thomson Jim.thom at telus.net
Thu May 6 23:01:30 PDT 2010

Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 21:05:31 -0700
From: "Mike" <noddy1211 at sbcglobal.net>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] My 48' Delhi Self Supporter folded over :-(
lost its bolts!

It almost sounds like they were not tightened down to the correct torque to
begin with because they should not have come loose with lock washers.  I
would get new nuts, bolts and lock washers and torque them correctly and
double nut the bolts.

Mike, K6BR

##  I installed  22 x of those tower's in yrs gone by.. and never seen one
of em do what you had happen.  There are doz's of em here on Vancouver island.
They are not my 1st choice for a tower.  I currently have the 96' trylon.. and those bolts
are super tight.. and that was 10 yrs ago.. and re-checked  15 mins ago. [excuse
to try out my new 2' long torque wrench.]  

## You may well have defective bolts.  You should also check the bolts on all the
upper sections.  Did you use the correct base  stubs  [ the stubs that get embedded
into the concrete] ??   Every delhi I ever saw, including new ones, has 3 [THREE]  bolts
per leg on the base stubs. 

## Don't ever put loctite on galvanized bolts, you will screw em up. All that's required
is one bolt, one flatwasher, one split ring lockwasher, one nut.  I think the Delhi uses 3 x 
1/2"   G-5  bolts  for the stubs.. and also the 1st few sections.. then  down to TWO  1/2"
bolts per leg.  IF you double nut them, then the bolts have to be way longer.  They make
special nuts  for this purpose, thinner than a regular nut, called a pal nut, or jam nut. 

##  I'd call this an anomoly...    All galvanized nuts are slightly bigger, to handle the mating,
galvanized bolts.  I suspect you may have had defective nuts.  Does delhi use galvanized bolts
on the upper sections.. or electroplated hardware... like trylon ? 

later... Jim  VE7RF   

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Hi Guys,

Mike VE9AA here.
My 48' Delhi Self Supporter folded over a couple days ago .....

As far as I can tell, the reason this happened is 2 large bolts (with lock 
washers) backed themselves out and there were only 2 remaining legs holding 
it up.  We had some wicked wind up here on the hill the other night, and 
poof, it's was over.

Has anyone else heard tell of this happening to any other Delhi towers? (or 
'similar' self supporting flat-stock towers like a Titan, etc.)

After the fact, I heard that VE1DX had the exact same thing happen to him.

What can I do to prevent this in the future please? Red Loctite? Tighten 
bolts yearly? Other?

73/TNX, Mike VE9AA

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