[TowerTalk] Best mast location?

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Fri May 14 11:30:02 PDT 2010

I don´t use any thrust bearing at all but a home made slew ring rotator with
the mast flanged to the top of it.
To align two thrust bearings will be quite a task with a heavy mast.


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##  which is why you should always use TWO thrust bearings.  Then you
won't have a sideways load on the rotor at all !  Per Leeson [ dunno if he
got this part right]  you take the bending moment where the mast enter's the
top bearing... and divide that number by the distance between the top
and what ever is below it... like a 2nd bearing.. or  the rotor.   If the
distance between
top bearing and next item below it is only 2'... VS  4'...... you can kiss
the top 2'
of the tower goodbye in a big wind storm.    

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