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Gary - N3JPU n3jpu_gary at verizon.net
Tue May 18 10:19:26 PDT 2010


I had a 3" conduit put through my foundation wall into my shack. Immediately
outside it terminated into a NEMA box. From there it was conduit again to
the tower. I also stuffed insulation into both conduits just in case
critters made their way in. I have a few pictures on my website below, look
in the Radio Room page.

Gary Mitchelson
N3JPU Davidsonville, MD   FM18

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Hello all,

    I'm pouring a foundation for a cabin here real soon.   It is a stem wall
foundation with a center pour slab.   As you can imagine I want to get the
plumbing stubbed in correctlty.   I also want to put in entry point conduit
for hardline, control cables, etc.   


Does anyone have some wisdom to share WRT routing cables through a
foundation and into the shack.   Also, there are alot of critters and I want
to make sure that we don't have any uninvited guests.   My XYL isn't all
that fussy but I want to take the opportunity to do a nice clean
professional job.


If this has already been beat to death, please reply to me directly.

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