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I believe the answer is simple. It has to be cheap (not expensive) for the 
ham market. A quality product can be made but those that would spend the 
extra cash are too few thus making the product even more expensive.

American thinking is the product has to do the job not necessarily with the 
highest quality or best technology.  I run up against this everyday for the 
last 30 years!

Dick - KB1H

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> ". . . It baffles me why manufacturer's  keep  making the same junk year
> in and out.... like TB-3/4's... W2AU baluns,   BN-86 baluns, toy rotor's,
> lousy
> coax connectors you can't solder to, xcvr's with 15 % thd  1.5 watt audio
> amps,
> lousy headsets, yagi's that fall apart, yagis  that have gross torque
> imbalance,
> rotor mast clamps that slip, and/or loosen.... muffler clamps with useless
> sheet metal saddles, muffler clamps that rust.  The list is a mile long."
> Jim, SO RIGHT on the BN-86. Junk. Living on the OR coast a few hundred 
> feet
> from all that undrinkable water my original BN-86 on the TH7DX I hauled 
> down
> from our inland Portland place lasted just over a couple of years. Bought 
> a
> replacement, same amount of time before it went south. Took it apart and
> found salt corrosion, bad connections, spiders and their accumulated 
> stuff.
> Hamming on salt water is a quick lesson on what things will handle. Why 
> they
> never sealed it is beyond me.
> Don W7WLL
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