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I use to have a TB25 thrust bearings

How about this one? Something to take care in the future with this model?  

Wich commercial thrust bearing seems to be better than otherts?


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I am not saying the TB3 is a high quality product. But I have been using one
for 30 years on the same tower. The only change I made was to replace the
bolts with stainless steel. The mast is 2" and 32' long with 8' in the
tower. On the 24' sticking out of the tower I have had combinations of
antennas from initially a 105, 155, 205, 402 (the antennas sure flopped
around in high wind). Then a C31, MAG240N, Warc7, EF-606 combination. Now I
have a MonstIR.
And the 80' of Rohn 45 tilts over at the base. That puts a nice side load on
the TB3 with the antennas ganging down. Sure it makes noise if I turn it by
hand at a higher rate than 1RPM. Never had it apart. Seems to keep on doing
what it was designed for - keeping the mast centered and taking the load off
the rotator.

Maybe there are better thrust bearings. But will stay with my dry TB3 for a
while yet.

N2TK, Tony

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>  Unlubricated bearings? Maybe the reason you are wearing out  the races. 
I use Moly grease on all of mine, no problems yet. Every bearing  needs 
lubrication, even old windmills from 100 years ago have oilers, and
only turn at about 75 rpm. Where I live dust and dirt above 50 feet  is not
problem, maybe in West Texas or Arizona the big dust storms could  deposit 
enough to make a difference.
    The Rohn thrust bearing isn't a conventional  bearing in the sense 
you're talking about above. It turns at 1 RPM. The  manufacturer says does
say to grease it.

 The LXC Prime Directive  says to "DO what the manufacturer 

### it's a good thing I don't follow that rule.  All my F-12 ants
would have fallen apart by now.. amps blown up, xcvr's that
are below par.. and require loads of mods etc, etc.  

 In this case, do not grease the Rohn  TB. 

## Ok.. so what does rohn suggest you do then.... replace the poorly
engineered  TB3/4  every 6 x months  ?? 
 IMO... it's a way over priced piece of junk. Now, if you take it all apart,
remove the balls... smooth out the race.. lube both the raceS and the 
balls.. and perhaps put a rain cover over the top of it....it will last a
lot longer.
If that set screw was replaced with a grease nipple fitting, we would not be
this conversation. 

## use no grease in  the wheel bearings on your car.. and poof, they won't
2 x days.   It baffles me why manufacturer's  keep  making the same junk
in and out.... like TB-3/4's... W2AU baluns,   BN-86 baluns, toy rotor's,
coax connectors you can't solder to, xcvr's with 15 % thd  1.5 watt audio
lousy headsets, yagi's that fall apart, yagis  that have gross torque
rotor mast clamps that slip, and/or loosen.... muffler clamps with useless
sheet metal saddles, muffler clamps that rust.  The list is a mile long.

##  'do what the manufacturer says' .... sometimes.... but only if they have
engineered the product correctly.  A buddy just bought  190' of Rohn 55g.
None of the sections fit..and all of em..so far have had to be re-drilled.
Quality control has gone out the window.  

Later..., Jim  VE7RF  


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