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I don't disagree. Someone needs to answer the phone, if only to explain that
most of the personnel are at a trade show and will get back to you as soon
as they return. Heck, in this day of cell phones and email, I don't see any
reason why limited service can't be provided from a trade show site,
particularly when a customer has an urgent problem. But it's most important
that someone acknowledge each and every request for service and give an
estimate of when help will be provided.

I agree, this is most important!

I had the exact same issue with a small espresso machine parts supply
company recently. All the service techs and decision makers went to a trade
show, leaving a receptionist in charge who had no ability to do anything.
She made the mistake of telling me that someone would call be back, but no
one ever did. Really ticked me off. But when the techs got back they
apologized profusely and immediately addressed my problem.

Unfortunately Steppir rarely do!

The other side of the coin is that these are very small companies with
limited resources. Typically, margins are very tight, especially for
products manufactured in the USA. It's vital for them to pump up sales as
much as possible in order to survive, and with technical products this often
means bringing your best service people to the show. Thus, there's a
tradeoff between securing new business and servicing existing business, even
for the most service-oriented companies. But new sales are really important
to the existing customer, too: service will get *really* bad if the company
goes under.

A thing to remember here is that much of Fluid Motion's business is via Word
of Mouth from existing customers on air.  The old saying is "It is expensive
and difficult to get new customers, and much easier and cost effective keep
existing customers".

73, Dick WC1M

The small company I work for do Six Trade shows a year but I guarantee you
even though many technical and sales people are at these shows it is
transparent to the customer.  Hard work for us because we are working the
booth and returning phone calls and still sending out quotes etc., but it
has to be done.  Back at the hotel at 12pm after too much booze and half
asleep answering emails. But if you want to keep people happy and retain
business you do it. 

Mike, K6BR

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There does not seem much purpose to go out to Trade Shows to get more
business and then lose twice what you gain through poor customer service.

Other small companies seem to manage to have someone at home answering the
telephone and dealing with problems.  If it's a problem to contact them when
in the USA, imagine how frustrating it must be if you live in another

There have been promises that the situation will get better every year, but
there are still the same problems.

In this day and age you are able to pick up a telephone call or email
anywhere in the civilized world, so there is no excuse.

Mike, K6BR

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They are a small company that was at Dayton.  Give them I bit of a break.
Working Dayton or any tradeshow is very tiring and taxing.

I would keep calling on the phone.

I have had nothing but great service from them.  You just caught them in a
tough time. 

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"A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you may
never get over." Ben Franklin 

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Anyone know how to get through to SteppIR? I have left 4 messages on
answering machines, and emailed 3 times and get no reply all week. Have been
calling on 425-453-1910.


Fred K3BHX


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