[TowerTalk] Rotor Removal

Mark Robinson markrob at mindspring.com
Tue May 25 08:32:26 PDT 2010

I am thinking about possible rotor maintenance on my new tower. I will be 
lifting a 22 foot mast and antenna stack onto the tower with a crane and 
nesting it 4 feet or so into my Rohn 45 tower. I will have a thrust bearing 
on the top and an Orion 2800 rotor 4 feet below the top thrust bearing.

I am thinking of setting a second bearing plate just above the rotor which
will be about 4 feet below the top thrust bearing. I will have a TB3 bearing
on it. I may well lift this bearing off the plate and clamp it to the mast a
few inches above the plate so that I don't have alignment issues. The
bearing just sits in the air above the plate. When I want to remove the
rotor I should be able to lower the bearing, bolt it to the plate and add a
clamp to the mast so that the mast rests on this bearing or will the bearing 
stop the mast sliding down. Some sort of u
bolt or a saddle clamp should work. The stack and mast will weight about 220 
pounds.. I should be able to remove the rotor
then with the mast held in place.  Yes it's more money but it makes it
possible to remove the rotor and repair it without dealing with the stack.

I am still thinking this out but I want all the pieces fabricated and
checked out with the tower on the ground first

Mark N1UK

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