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Wed Nov 3 01:59:58 PDT 2010

On 11/2/2010 9:46 PM, K0DAN wrote:
> Hi Gene...
> Good stuff, I wouldn't hesitate to use it for short interconnects...provided
> you can get good quality connectors to put on it.
I'm going to repost part of what I did earlier, although it should show 
up in a bit.
I've used a lot of CN240, or a lot as in 500 feet.

Given a choice I'd not use CNT 240 for station interconnect cables.
The reason it the stuff it too rigid and the shield wires are too 
fragile.  You have to be very careful when installing connectors.  There 
are a lot of good connectors and finding them is easy as they are the 
same ones that fit RG-8X.

When installing connectors, UHF, N, Crimp, or clamp you have to be very 
careful.  Only score the jacket just enough so slight bending will cause 
the jacket to separate.  Cut the jacket and the wires will just fall 
out.  I's only a light braid on the shield using very fine wires.  It's 
the worst shield I've ever worked with.  Compared to 8X CNT-240 makes 
very poor interconnect cables.  As I mentioned in the other post, 8X 
with foil plus braid is more rugged and more flexible than CNT-240 
although it has slightly more loss which should not be a problem on HF.

CNT-240 is a good cable, but not for areas where bending and flexibility 
are appreciated.
OTOH If I needed interconnect cables and I had a bunch of CN240 I'd use 
it, but using 240 has expanded my vocabulary mightily
Using 240 would be much like the other day I was asked why I used so 
many N connectors on HF instead of the UHF connectors.  My answer: 
Because I had a bag full of the things so why purchase new UHF 
connectors to replace them.


Roger (K8RI)
> Also if your applications are>  50Mhz and your overall cable runs exceed 100
> feet you may want to consider heftier cable for the ops above 50Mhz, as the
> little cable segments, and the connector issues, start to add some serious
> losses above VHF. Since it sounds like these are just 30' segments
> connecting longer cable runs, you'll probably be just fine, but if you're
> concerned about it, do a site drawing, get some charts and compute&  add up
> the cable losses for each type of cable segment/frequency. Add 0.25-0.50 dB
> for any connectors/adaptors if used above 50Mhz and you should be in the
> ballpark. This all assumes good weatherproofing and good practices....what
> you install today will not be the same 10 years from now!
> Good luck!
> 73
> Dan
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>> I have came by 2 spools of Andrew CNT-240-FR new cable and was thinking of
>> using for all my interconnect in my station and on to the outside box that
>> has all the runs of Hardline out to the tower. No run's would no longer
>> than
>> 30 feet. Comments pro or con and anyone use thing this cable. Thanks Gene
>> K2QWD
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