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Mon Nov 8 10:12:59 PST 2010

Now that you are all rested from SS --
I received this from a company I have dealt with, and recommend .. Sherco Automotive .. they regularly offer specials on wire, cable, clamps, fuses, bulbs, and other ham radio usable items.  I learned something about wire I did not know!  Perhaps this letter will enlighten some other TTers, too!   73   Mark  AA6DX
To all our valued customers;
    For almost 25 years we have tried to provide quality products at the lowest prices. In some cases this meant sourcing our products from China and other parts of Asia. When the quality of offshore products is good or domestic products are no longer available, this has been an acceptable solution.  There are some items that can not be replaced by off shore products, due to construction or lack of specification.

    Recently, you may have noticed that imported automotive primary wire spools have become lighter then they used to be. The length of a 100 ft spool has not changed but the amount of copper has.  This new wire is now called CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum). Just like it sounds, this wire is made of aluminum with a copper coating.  Aluminum  only has about 65% of the conductivity of copper. Stated another way, and when we include the tiny bit of copper applied, CCA wire has about 34 percent greater resistance than a pure copper wire of the same gauge and construction. Resistance in a conductor causes a loss of power in that conductor, in terms of voltage and/or current. It also can become a source of heat if the resistance and amount of power delivered are high enough.  Since most GPT insulation on wire is only rated at 80 °C (176°F), and the underhood temperature can come close to that in some parts of the country, any additional heat from resistance can soften or even melt the insulation. This can lead to electrical shorts and even fire.

    As of November 1, Sherco has committed to supplying only US MADE PURE COPPER Primary wire and Battery Cable.  With the exception of our flea market liquidation pages, all spooled wire and cable will come from only US manufacturers that we trust to supply wire of all copper, at the correct specification for the gauge and use.  Along with this wire we will also supply domestic product for our bare terminals, heatshrink terminals, and adhesive lined heat shrink tubing.   

   American products produced by American workers have always lead the world in quality and performance. We at Sherco Auto Supply think it is time to get back to what made our country great.  If you agree with us please let us know.

Mark Sherman, VP Sales      
Sherco Auto Supply
3014 nw 25 Ave
Pompano Beach, FL 33069



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