[TowerTalk] A4s tribander gone bad

Al Williams alwilliams at olywa.net
Mon Nov 15 08:56:37 PST 2010

I have a Cushcraft A4s tribander that has gone bad because the upper limbs of a 90' tree fell on it. It was on the ground after I replaced it with a Steppir monstr. 

Some of the element are slightly bent and one trap has a small dent. Yagis "want to work" so it probably would work without much repair. The elements were taken off the ground and put on an old picnic table for most of the time. However I suppose insects may have found their way in?

I don't think I would ever use it as I also have two other Steppirs so I am open to offers as I have no idea what it is worth. Cushcraft lists it for $699 and sells all parts if that is desired.


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