[TowerTalk] which type of coax?

Roger (sub1) sub1 at rogerhalstead.com
Wed Nov 17 16:50:31 PST 2010

On 11/17/2010 1:50 PM, kr2q at optimum.net wrote:
> Closing in on 3 decades since I bought any coax.  Back then, everybody said, just get Beldon,
> and the only game in town was RG8.
My preferences are Times Wire LMR-400 and 600 for regular runs and Davis 
BuryFlex(TM) for rotator loops
I avoid the Ultra flex or "UF" versions of the LMR cables.

I also use crimp on connectors, be they UHF, or N type..

The last Belden I purchased was 9913 and although I'm sure they make 
good cables, 9913 soured me on them.
There are those who say 9913 is no problem if you do a good job of water 
proofing connections and I used to be one of them, that is until 
lightning blew the water proofing off at the top of the tower and I had 
water running out of the rig less than 15 minutes later.

  Check, Davis RF ( http://www.davisrf.com/ ), The RF Connection ( 
http://www.therfc.com/ ), RF Parts ( http://www.rfparts.com/ ), Texas 
Towers ( http://www.texastowers.com/ ), and The Wireman ( 
http://www.texastowers.com/ ).  These are the only ones I currently have 
bookmarked, but I'm sure there are many others.  Be sure to shop around 
for coax and connectors.  Prices for the same coax vary considerably. If 
need be, call about connectors to make sure you get good ones.  Most 
places carry a wide range of quality and prices from cheap (for those 
who really want cheap) to the really good stuff.

I have well over 1000 feet of LMR-600 and probably 600 or 700 feet of 
Davis BuryFlex(TM) in service at present.  I also have a fair amount of 
RG-8X, for interconnect cables and at times run SO2R with one station in 
the shop and one in the house/den. At one time I had over 1500 feet of 
LMR-400, but I found a good price on LMR-600 when I replaced the runs to 
the VHF and UHF antennas as well as 160.  That being the case I have 
replaced most of the regular runs with LMR-600 which would be a bit of 
overkill in most instances for most stations.

I'm a bit leery of less expensive knockoffs, but some on here have 
apparently found some pretty good stuff.
I'd not rule out CNT-400 which is made by the same company that makes 
the Andrew Heliax IIRC.

73 and good luck,

Roger (K8RI)
> Now???
> What are your thoughts on brands?
> What about types?
> RG8?
> RG213?
> LMR400?
> BuryFlex?
> Something else?
> Thanks,
> de Doug KR2Q
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