[TowerTalk] Preform dead ends - why and how?

Vincent Weal k4jc at arrl.net
Sun Aug 28 18:34:50 PDT 2011

Hello all,

First let me say that this reflector has been a godsend for me! Thanks to
all who have contributed over the years.

I am planning to install a Tennadyne T-12 log periodic on a tower
approximately 170 feet from my house. The original intent was to use a 45
foot self supporter of unknown manufacture I had obtained from a SK estate.
However, after a lot of research I have determined it is most likely
homemade and probably would not be sufficient to support such a large
antenna (especially in coastal Florida!) I have since decided to go with 60
feet of Rohn 45 using a pier pin mount and guyed to Rohn's 110-mph
specifications. I want this thing to stay put, so I plan to follow Rohn's
directions to the letter. By the way, did I mention this is my first tower?
I've put up plenty of VHF antennas on the roof and wires in the trees, so
this will be my first "real" antenna system. I've spent the past couple of
weeks learning all I can about how to properly install a guyed tower.

That brings me to my questions on preform dead ends. I have read quite a bit
from folks who sing their praises, but I have found very little on how they
work or how to install them. I can't really tell from the pictures on the
Rohn or 3starinc.com websites - they just look like a piece of guy wire bent
into a V shape. Do you clamp them to the guy wire? If so, why not just loop
the guy wire through the eye of the turnbuckle and clamp it back onto
itself? Are they for added strength? As I said there is very little out
there on how they are used or installed. To me they seem rather useless, but
everyone says to use them. Please help me understand...I'm a curious

73, Vince K4JC

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