[TowerTalk] pushing a mast up at the top of the tower

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Mon Jul 11 12:37:41 PDT 2011

Take two pieces of 1 1/2" angle iron about 8" long and bolt two sides togeter, you now have a T with a 3" side (1.5 + 1.5) and the leg of the tee is 1.5". Drill across the 3" face for two, 2" ubolts. Drill one hole in the 1.5" leg big enough to hold the pin of an anchor shackle. Attach this to your mast about 8" from the end that goes into your rotor. The shackle now makes a great place to attach your come-alone to raise or lower your mast regardless how heavy it gets. I always mount a drop forged eye bolt through the flat top section pointing down inside the tower. Attach a good pully there and run the come-along cable through the pully so the come-along can be right next to the rotor so you can guide the mast in when lowering.

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Somebody (maybe K4ZA?) came up with the idea of using a basketball hoop 
attached to the top end of a gin pole to make this a relatively safe and 
secure activity.

73, Pete N4ZR

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On 7/10/2011 6:41 PM, Stan Stockton wrote:
> There could be a better way, but I have always used a come-a-long
> attached to the top rung of the tower and a muffler clamp around the
> mast, wrapping the cable with the hook around the mast below the
> clamp,  Loosen the bearings so it will slide through and have a short
> 2x 8 board handy to rest the mast on to reposition the clamp to go
> higher.
>    I suppose a gin pole, fully extended, with a clamp on the mast
> already through the top of the tower would also work and could be done
> with everyone on the ground until after it is extended to where you
> want it.
> 73...Stan, K5GO
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> On Jul 10, 2011, at 3:06 PM, "Steve K7AWB"<k7awbgoog at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> I have a 16 foot long, 2" OD steel mast about 2 feet out of the top
>> of a
>> Rohn 45 flat top section waiting antennas.  I plan to put my 2-
>> element 40
>> meter Hygain yagi at the top.  Then, I have to lift the mast (98 lb)
>> and the
>> antenna on it up about 10 feet, above the future rotator spot, in
>> able to
>> mount the OR-2800 rotator.  And then slowly lower the mast/antenna
>> into the
>> top of the rotator.
>>   What is the best way (s) to lift up the mast /combination?  Right
>> now it
>> it is secured with a TB3 bearing.  And I have another rotator plate
>> with a
>> sleeve, slightly above the future location of the rotator, that will
>> keep
>> the mast vertical when out of the rotator.  Once the mast/40 meter
>> antenna
>> is secure in the rotator, I will add the 6-element Force 12 20 meter
>> yagi 2
>> feet or so above the top of the flat plat top section.
>> 73
>> Steve Sala
>> K7AWB
>> DN17es
>> Nine Mile Falls, WA

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