[TowerTalk] Crank-up tiltover towers

Jack C. Shutt w9gt at frontier.com
Mon Jul 18 06:47:48 PDT 2011

I sure do identify with your remarks about regretting getting rid of the crank-up tiltover tower.  I have a very large 80' guyed tower that was formerly a section of a microwave tower.  It is TCC (Tower Communications Co.) model 24/ 25 made of heavy angle steel and it is 38" across the face. It would, most likely, self support, but I have it guyed at two levels.   I typically climbed up the inside of the tower to work on it and it will hold just about any antennas that you can imagine.  ( I once had a 60' boom behemoth 6L 20 and 10L yagi and a 15 m wide-spaced 4L on it...used 4" mast and a prop-pitch rotator).  Now, that I am virtually unable to climb, I really would like to have a 70' crank-up tiltover job that would support a large tribander and some VHF antennas.  Then, I could work on the antennas on the ground.  Anyone want to trade? :)
73, Jack, W9GT

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Hi Roger,

   Oh I know where you are coming from.  I agree.  Someone mentioned (at 
a recent club meeting) that he once saw someone selling a kit for that 
purpose.  I'm just more interested in the concept and such and if anyone 
had seen anything like that.  Maybe the fact that none of us has seen or 
heard of such a thing in the last few years is a clue about whether it 
works or not. :-)

I regret getting rid of my old EZWAY 55 foot crank up tilt over tower 
years ago.  Anyway, after that club meeting a bunch of us were 
discussing this odd-ball tower and much of what you alluded to came up.  
Currently I have a home made tilt over Rohn 25.  It's 30 feet tall and 
has about 18 feet of mast coming out of the tower's top thrust bearing.  
I made a tilt over fixture similar to that of the commercial crank up 
and tilt over systems.  It works fine.  And I raise and lower the whole 
tower with a 1/2 inch cordless drill.  So there is no electric motors 
etc.  When I want to lower it I use a 5/8" socket instead of the winch 
handle and that provides the power to drive a worm gear winch.

At this time, I only have the 6-meter beam up.  The 2m and 70cm Yagis 
are in the garage being worked on.

Still the thought of a couple of Rohn 45s with a hinged base and a 
couple of Rohn 25s telescoping into them  with a 5 foot overlap, would 
give me the same height I currently have. I would be able to nest it and 
lower and raise it easily.

The existing tower is bracketed to house at the 13 foot level.

73, Rich WA1TRY

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