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On 6/9/2011 8:22 AM, Larry wrote:
> Thanks for all replies - private and on the forum.
> The real thrust of my query was who did people use to assess the damage to
> satisfy the insurance company. Most adjusters will not have a clue. A local
> tower installer may be the best answer yet if I can find one. The best the
> insurance company could suggest was an electrician.
> I did point the insurance company to websites that had the various damaged
> antennas listed yesterday.
What I did when I lost an antenna due to wind damage, was to give them 
photos, and a receipt for the original cost and what they were selling 
for new.  The adjuster was satisfied and paid the replacement cost.
> I normally do the tower work myself with my son. The insurance company is OK
> with me doing the work but obviously would not pay for me or my son for the
> work.

Why not?  When I received the check it included standard pay at close to 
$50 per hour back then.   It wouldn't hurt to include the hours it takes 
to do the repair or replacement.  It all depends on the insurance 
company.  As you don't do antenna work for others with pay, you might 
need to get an estimate from a tower climber.

Look around for professional outfits that do that kind  of work and tell 
them you need an estimate.  They'll charge for it, so ask how much it'd 
cost for an estimate for your insurance company.

Gene has some good suggestions.


Roger (K8RI)

> This will be interesting as the top antenna (a 2 element 40M yagi) has
> the half elements from one side over the top of the half elements on the
> other side making it unbalanced. The KT36XA has several elements that are
> now swept like jet wings. The rotator appears to be a goner. Surprisingly,
> the tower (100 foot Rohn 45G) seems to untouched.
> 73, Larry  W6NWS
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>> hi Larry -
>> Sorry to har about you problem. Ten ore fiftteen years ago I lost a tower
>> and a bif home made 40-10 "yagii" in an ice storm. Myinsurance accepted a
>> written estimate from a local tower manufacurer and installer and a copy
>> of an add (with price) for a very roughly equal LP. Although it seemed
>> like a lot of money to me,I think it was sort of small stuff to them
>> considering all of the claims they were handling. At any rate I felt they
>> handeled me very well. nb I then built a 10-40 LP which I love!
>> Good Luck es 73's,
>> Gene / W2LU
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>> Subject: [TowerTalk] Slightly OT - antenna damage
>>> While I was in Asia a tornado came through the yard and damaged three
>>> antennas - two of the three antennas on the tower and one ground mounted.
>>> My insurance company isn't exactly sure how to figure the damage and
>>> thought maybe an electrician could look at the antennas. I am sure some
>>> readers have been through this kind of thing and I was wondering how it
>>> was handled. by their insurance company. Let's not clutter the forum with
>>> replies but if you have experience and you are willing to share your
>>> experience I would appreciate an off-forum note to w6nws [at] arrl.net.
>>> Thanks
>>> 73, Larry  W6NWS
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