[TowerTalk] Yaesu thrust bearing adapter plate to ROHN 25G

Clint Talmadge W5CPT w5cpt at bellsouth.net
Sun Jun 19 08:01:35 PDT 2011

Roger (and all),
R&L makes an adapter plate to bolt a Yaesu TB to a Rohn accessory shelf (or
the flat top section).  Much easier than re-drilling the top as I did.

Clint Talmadge - W5CPT

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A while back we briefly discussed adapting "things" to fit other "things"
I'm currently building some adapter plates to fit Yaesu thrust bearings
(Metric) to ROHN 25G accessory shelves and thought some might find the
procedure useful as it's easily adaptable to other "things".
There are a number of photos so it may be very slow to load unless on



Roger (K8RI)


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