[TowerTalk] Probably stupid coax question

jim feldman mtnredhed at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 14:26:37 PDT 2011

I was helping another ham put connectors on some jumpers he wanted made up.
 The jumpers were an interesting cable that appeared to have a semi
air dielectric and a very hefty center conductor made from stranded copper.
 The jacket said "9096 ExtraFlex".  Anyway, I tied UHF connectors from 3
different sources and none would pass the center conductor.  Not even close.
 Same connectors work fine with RG-213, RG8, and lmr400.  I called a vendor
who sells this coax (www.therfc.com) and they said I might have to snip a
few strands to make it work. Is this common practice?  I had a heck of a
time finding the PL-259 pin ID spec to validate the connectors I have.  Is
their a vendor who's PL-259 will pass the 9.5AWG center conductor
of this cable?


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