[TowerTalk] Emotator rotor motor problem

Glen k4kv at mds-ham.com
Wed Mar 9 06:29:21 PST 2011


My Emotator 747 rotor motor now fails to turn right, but turns left just

I removed the rotor this morning and put it on the bench, same thing.

Removed the top and bearing ring.  Inside looks fine.  Watched motor as I
applied power LEFT
and no problems.  When applying power RIGHT, motor starts to move and makes
a snap noise, as if
it is internally jammed from moving that direction.

I will check the current both ways, but expect RIGHT to be higher since
there is a jam.

Anyone have any experience with a DC rotor motor that will only turn one


Glen K4KV
I suppose getting a replacement motor will not be fun :-(

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