[TowerTalk] TA-33 vs CL-33

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Mon May 30 20:19:10 PDT 2011


The TA-33SR is a 20, 15, and 10 on a 14 foot boom.  You can add the 40 meter 
kit to the driven element.

The CL-33 is on a 18 foot boom but the original Classic design did not allow 
you to add the 40 meter extension.  A friend had the CL-33 up over 100 feet 
near Atlanta in 1969.  I visited and used his station (600 w amp) and ran 
Europe for several hours each night.  The SWR was low on all the bands but I 
still think you had to decide between mid band, CW, or SSB.  He found mid 
band gave the best results.

I helped a local put up a MP-33 which was the 750 watt version of the TA-33. 
The SWR was a lot sharper and I only remember that on 20 you had 100 khz at 
most for 2 to 1 points.  Another fellow
who ran barefoot had the TA-33 up 55 feet in the Atlanta area and he did OK. 
But he had to use a tuner to go to 28.8 on 10 back when 10 was wide open and 
the band filled with DX.

Both are OK antennas but for my money the CL-33 has a longer boom and better 
matching system
with somewhat better SWR curve.  I now understand that the current Mosley 
owner says you can add 40 meters.

73 Dave K4JRB 

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