Dick NY1E dickny1e at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 1 17:34:31 PDT 2011

Yes, concrete is strong in compression, but think about a pipe full of
> concrete and bending.  It stretches on the far side, and the concrete
> just cracks.  Concrete isn't very strong in bending.
> Overall, I don't think concrete fill buys you a lot, structurally,
> unless you're doing something like a prestressed concrete beam, so the
> side away from the load doesn't ever get into tension.
> Even in the compression side, the steel probably is stronger than the
> concrete in compression.  Concrete's big advantage is that it's cheap
> compared to steel.

I know, on a smaller scale, I had a problem of bending 2 sets of high (apehangers) handlebars on a motorcycle, when I filed the third with cement, they never bent again....

Dick NY1E
www.ny1e.com  (with pics of the handlebars)

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