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Use what the manufacturer says to use.  I have never heard of 
Polecrete.  How does it compare to the specification of crete called for 
by the tower manufacturer.   How much are you really going to save?

Mike W0MU

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On 11/3/2011 4:22 PM, Michael Goins wrote:
> Finally got the hole done today for the HG-52-SS tower going up here. I am
> up on the side of a hill and the antenna is to be a two element quad. The
> hole is 5 feet deep and is in solid rock. Not shale or scattered rocks,
> solid. No dirt whatsoever. It is essentially a five foot hole drilled just
> slightly over the diameter of the factory one inch rebar welded base for
> the tower.  With rock under the tower, it is going nowhere from a
> compression point. With the base five feet into solid rock, it cannot ever
> tip over.
> Has anyone ever used polecrete? I have access to it and it is now used to
> set roadside billboards, light poles, telephone/power poles, etc. and I'm
> considering that instead of regular concrete because this hole is a stable
> as any possibly ever could be. The factory base is almost five feet tall,
> is made of one inch rebar that is welded and it touches the sides of the
> rock hole at all three sides, already preventing any lateral movement. I
> seriously doubt that if I simply repacked the rock dust back and wet it
> that the base would ever move. I am looking at the polecrete as a serious
> possibility as the fill.
> Again, it's a solid rock hole, factory one inch rebar base, and will only
> have a quad on it. Any help would be much appreciated.
> Mike, k5wmg
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