[TowerTalk] Interaction Question

Todd Coulter coulter at bellsouth.net
Thu Nov 10 08:22:34 PST 2011

I currently have an Optibeam OBW10-5, 5 band wirebeam. I would like to place a small 6m Moxan beam above it on the same mast. My only problem is that I only have approximately 4 feet of mast left above the wirebeam (due to height restrictions) and I can not lower the wirebeam any lower because it is already at the bottom of the mast and right above the top of the tower. I am wondering how much interaction all of you think I would have with this situation or maybe I should try a loop like the M2 HO loop instead. While I understand that the question(s) that I am asking probably requires modeling (which I do not have any experience with) to determine, I would like to solicit some of the experienced opinions here on TowerTalk. Thanks in advance for any opinions and advice given. 

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