[TowerTalk] DBI Sala harness for sale

Doug Lefever w3dl at dejazzd.com
Mon Nov 14 18:17:32 PST 2011

Hello, I have decided to sell my 2 year old harness and shock straps since I
don't have my own tower any more and don't really enjoy the tower work for
others any more either. It is the top choice of most professionals dbi Sala
ExoFit tower harness with the built in removable seat for comfort on longer
jobs. Size is medium. Included is the Dual 6' shock strap with large rebar
hooks, and the Skylotek adjustable rope lanyard. I have used this harness
approximately 10 times since I bought it new in Sept. 2009. All in excellent
condition. $325.


Thanks, W3DL

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