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Kenneth Grimm grimm at sbc.edu
Mon Apr 2 06:05:21 PDT 2012

While the Green Heron is a solution to the sticking problem, it is a mighty
expensive problem solver!  If the Tailtwister control box is in good shape,
a far less expensive solution is to install one of the Idiom Press's
Rotor-EZ boards in it.  In addition to solving the sticking problem, the
board gives a lot of additional functionality...particularly if you get the
board with RS-232 capability.  In fact, I believe that it will do
everything that the Green Heron will do....except adapt to other
manufacturers rotors.


Ken - K4XL

On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 12:00 AM, Kenneth Goodwin <krgoodwin at comcast.net>wrote:

> The counter rotation to 'unstick' the Tailtwister rotator is a solution to
> a
> standard problem and not necessarily indicative of any problem with the
> rotator.  The wind loads the wedge brake which doesn't have enough force to
> retract the brake when loaded.  The Green Heron Engineering RT-20/RT-21
> controller uses an algorithm that will induce a counter rotation into any
> rotation command.  From the manual, "The RT-21 adds automatic motor
> reversals to help eliminate the inherent "brake stick" problem in T2X
> units.
> Prior to starting a Point and Shoot or a computer generated motion, the
> RT-21 will momentarily run the unit in the opposite of the intended
> direction to relieve any back tension on the BRAKE in order to help it
> release properly."  Also look very closely at the wedge metal used as the
> brake.  Mine had a small crack in the wedge that I didn't see until I had
> reassembled the rotator.  Ken K5RG
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