[TowerTalk] Dielectric was( Long UHF Bulkhead Connectors)

K8RI K8RI-on-TowerTalk at tm.net
Mon Apr 9 21:27:24 PDT 2012

For HF up to the legal limit and simple UHF connectors I've often 
wondered if it makes much difference as to what they use for a 
dielectric in the connector. Certainly there are some materials that 
make poor RF insulators even at HF, but in general

I have a number of "old" Amphenol connectors that look like they have a 
Plexiglass, phenolic, and Teflon as well as stuff I can't even guess for 
dielectric. The only thing I haven't seen appears to be thermoplastic.

Speaking of thermoplastic the insulating material in many non RF 
connectors is just that and particularly in DIN connectors and those 
used in serial and parallel ports for control which can make, making 
control cables a real nightmare.  There are also high temp 
thermoplastics that are relatively easy to mold at relatively high 
pressures .

Then there are "all the others."

Although I try to purchase "brand names" I do not see Amphenol as the 
Holy Grail of connectors, but by the same token I'm very careful about 
"swap connectors"and normally avoid them.   When purchasing  I usually 
call and explain what I want, I really don't care who makes them, but I 
like Amphenol, and that quality is paramount.  I want them to stand up 
out in the elements. I do a good job of weather proofing, but I've had 
mother nature remove every single bit of weather proofing at the top of 
the tower with a single lightning strike.

   Over 50 plus years I've found that everyone has quality control 
issues at times and this includes some small and very expensive hinges 
used in an aircraft. You could easily hold two of them in one hand that 
cost as much as a IC7000.  We had to go through 6 complete hinges to get 
2 that were good. Actually  it took 4 of them because you had to 
purchase each half of the hinge separately so that was two IC7000's for 
two complete hinges that you could hold in one hand.


Roger (K8RI)

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