[TowerTalk] TowerTalk Digest, Vol 112, Issue 79 - Help with new tower

Kirby Hallenbeck 1sailorman at comcast.net
Wed Apr 25 09:03:43 PDT 2012

Re: Help for a New Tower (Wayne Willenberg)

Agree with comment about getting a PE to do the design. I had a PE do mine
and we are in an 85MPH county and I had to use guys for 3el Steppir at 45" (
no bracket ) At 130MPH and 70ft, you will certainly need guys, but the item
not mentioned yet are your trees. You will need to have a tree professional
inspect your trees and remove any hazard trees i.e. dying, hollow, etc that
could fall across any of your guys and bring your tower down. 

Also, make sure you tell the engineer ALL of your future antenna plans wrt
max sq ft, otherwise they will design the guy anchors to the minimum you
specify to save cost. At $100 or so per cubic yard of concrete, it is
relatively cheap to add substantially more wind load by going big on the guy

Kirby, AF6OP

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