[TowerTalk] Outdoor soldering

r miles greenacres113 at charter.net
Mon Jan 2 15:40:51 PST 2012

Not easy & in cold WX tough. I have 3 of the old  wood handle irons. The 
power cords are cloth wrapped. They were my late father in laws. 
Probably 150w but can they solder a PL  259 in  a wind storm in cold WX. 
You might  find one at a hamfest or a second hand store. I'd never part 
with  mine. They are worth their weigh in gold!

I have used a commom Burns-Matic with a solder tip. You have to really 
watch it. The flame comes out two  small holes an inch or so below the 
solder tip. You turn it wrong & you can melt coax and/or your SKIN!


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