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Joseph or Ruth Patrick hdmc38 at bellsouth.net
Sat Jun 2 11:36:07 PDT 2012

Hey Roger

You have to climb it so I would use 45G. That's what I used. Much more robust. I 
don't even like to climb 25G I will but I don't like to. As far as the base  you 
could go either way. I used a short base. This way you have 4' of tower inside 
the concrete base.
  With the plate you have some type of anchors or J bolts holding down a flat 
piece of steel with stubs welded to it for you first section to go over. I run a 
Force 12 C-3S with a M2 6 meter beam 10' above that.
I don't have my Rohn book handy but as I recall 40' of self supporting 45G 
sounds a bit to high. I could be wrong you would have to check the book.
This tower I have has been up 9 years now and no problems. I was very happy with 
my decision to use 45G over 25G. If I had thought some more about it I would 
have used 55G. Yeah I know this way over engineered for what you are proposing. 
I can say that I am very comfortable standing on 38' of 45G with flat top. This 
is JMHO and you can do this for a lot less money if you want. If you are still 
on active duty then that would also play a part in these decisions. Good Luck. 
Let us know how you make out.
 73 DE K4XZ Joe Patrick
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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rohn tower bases

This thread has undoubtedly been covered sometime in the past, but now I am
the research to put up a tower and I am looking for ideas and suggestions.
My last
tower was a self-supporting 30' unit erected in 1984 while stationed at the
Corps base in Georgia. I only had it up a couple of years before I was
so it has been a good while. I have been using a Force 12 40XK vertical
dipole and
it has been a good antenna for my situation up to now. I am wrestling with
the decision
as to whether to spend twice as much for the 45G as the 25G, but that
decision will
be made soon.

My question today is whether to use a concrete pad base from Rohn or to use
the 5' short section that is embedded directly into the concrete pad? At
this point
in time I do not plan on going higher than 40' with this tower since I have
a small
back yard. It will start out as self-supporting, but may add guys before
next winter.
The antenna will be either a small Force 12 yagi tribander, an Opti-beam
wire yagi,
or a hex beam (probably in that order of preference).

If figure that once I make a decision about the base, I can move forward
ordering some of the parts to get this project going. 73s Roger Rippy  W7RIP

P.S. Does anyone have any feedback about suppliers of Rohn tower equipment
such as 3 Star, Dx Engineering or others? Feel free to reply offline. TU

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