[TowerTalk] create cr-18 roof tower

k2vi k2vi at cox.net
Sat Jun 2 19:28:09 PDT 2012

I hope someone can give me advice on a roof tower. It's a create 6 foot tower. It looks very strong so i was thinking of bolting it up on my 30' peaked roof with a hy-gain 203 BA 20 meter monoband yagi. The yagi weighs 32# and has a 5.6 wind load, The boom is 16 feet long made of 2' aluminum tube. It's either that or a costly ground tower. Do you think this will be a safe way to go. I know how to secure it with 2x6 planks inside the attic and small vertical pieces between the all thread. By the way the south and west has a wall of trees to break the wind. Am i safe with this setup? thanks in advance and best in health.

tony k2vi

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