[TowerTalk] Rohn tower bases

Rip R cw.op.montana at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 07:20:09 PDT 2012

This is just a short note to say thanks to Joe (K4XZ), Roger (K8RI), and
the rest of the hams who took the time to respond to my questions regarding
Rohn towers; pier pin bases vs. short section in concrete; ease of climbing
25G vs. 45G; and the best sources of Rohn components. It has been a big
help and I feel confident moving forward with my project. Like most things,
the antenna will be a compromise between budget, space, and keeping the
neighbors pacified. Hi Hi  I have also considered using an aluminum mast
system such as sold at Penninger Radio to take advantage of a tip-over set
up and a small yagi/hex beam/ or directional wire beam on top. The cost is
not all that different, but my concern is on longevity. Thanks again & 73s
Roger Rippy   W7RIP  Bozeman, MT

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