[TowerTalk] 2012 Dayton slide deck postings

Tim Duffy K3LR k3lr at k3lr.com
Wed Jun 6 21:12:36 PDT 2012

There were five excellent papers (by K4IQJ, K3TUF, K1KP, W2GD, K4ZA and
K9LA) presented at the 2012 Dayton Antenna Forum. 
Go to http://www.k3lr.com and click on the Dayton Antenna Summary 2012 to
view them. Dayton Antenna Forum slide decks are available from 2004 through
2012. Thanks to K5TR, N5KO and K8CX for posting and hosting.

There were two fabulous talks (by W3LPL and W2GD) given at the 23rd Annual
Dayton Top Band Dinner. Go to http://topbanddinner.com and click on
Presentations to download their slides. Thanks to KA9FOX for posting and

Hope you can make it to Dayton 2013. 
Check http://contestsupersuite.com for dates.

Tim K3LR

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