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Why not measure the diameter and length of the winch drum and then look for 
an equivalent? Companies like West Marine have boat and trailer winches. I 
use one to raise and lower my vertical. One important consideration is how 
much load the winch can handle. It is one thing to raise a telescoping tower 
straight up and down and it is another thing to raise a full size tower that 
is a tilt over arrangement. The latter requires a load rating that exceeds 
the moment of force of the tower at the lifting point.

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> On 6/7/2012 3:42 PM, Duane Heise - AA6EE wrote:
>> Steve:
>>      I had emailed Janet  at HRO & she suggested that you might be able 
>> to
>> help. I have a TriEx H-471 four-section 71' tower/ The winch is rusty 
>> (see
>> attached pix)
> Hate to tell you this but, most groups, this one included, do not post
> attachments.  You'll either need to put them up on the Internet and link
> to them or e-mail them to those who can help.
> 73
> Roger (K8RI)
>> & needs to be replaced. However, I can't find out how much
>> cable capacity the old winch has. The winch cable is 3/16".
>>     I could get a similar winch at Grainger's but the 3/16" cable 
>> capacity is
>> only about 70'. That may not be enough. Any idea?
>>      73, Duane, AA6EE
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