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I think you have the best shack possible. Just make sure every cable/wire is going through ONE entrance hole and everything has a surge path to your shack wall (that obviously is conducting) at that hole. That would very effectively reduce damages from lightning strikes.

I plane to use a large conducting plate on top of my table in my shack. This plate is going to be connected to “ground”. I will reduce the voltage across the equipment generated from strikes that way (I hope).

Hans - N2JFS

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There is NO ground when you talk about lightning or rf and your components are 
more than a few meters apart (or less if you are talking vhf/uhf/microwave). If 
 your tower is not right next to the shack you can develop very large voltages 
between the ground connection at the tower and the ground connection at the 
oes this mean I should put my shack as close to the tower as I can?
'm currently building a remote station. I was planning to put the
equipment hut (actually a 5 feet diameter steel drum, or valve box,
mostly buried)  about 150 feet away.  Should I rethink this and put 
it immediately next to the tower?  The hole is dug for the valve box,
but I can always dig another!
hanks and 73 de Trent   K5XM


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