[TowerTalk] TIC Ring Rotor Vertical Stacking

Fred Sanborn cc6569 at dls.net
Fri Jun 15 09:22:49 PDT 2012

Has anyone devised a method / boom bracket modification to make a 
vertical stack of 2 antennas on the same TIC ring rotor?  In particular, 
I am asking about the model 1022 ring rotor and would be stacking two 6 
element 6 Meter beams on 24' booms with about 2 sq ft of wind loading 
per antenna.  Stacking distance would be about 20' using a 2" diameter 
mast and I picture that being 10' above and 10' below the ring rotor 
bracket for balance.
   Tnx Fred  KG9X

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