[TowerTalk] Sharing a COM Port?

Alan NV8A nv8a at charter.net
Sat Jun 16 09:59:35 PDT 2012

You are right, Martin: the 32-bit version does work on 64-bit Windows 7, 
and a splitter port does what I need. What am I losing by not using the 
64-bit version? (Eterlogic is not losing because I am not using the 
64-bit version for which they have to pay a license fee to Microsoft.)


Alan NV8A

On 06/15/12 11:28 pm, Martin Sole wrote:
> Alan,
> I've used the Eterlogic VSPE on a Win 7 64 bit machine. It complains about
> not being the 64 bit version but still seems to work ok.
> I guess a YMMV might be in order here. Worth a try and if it works then
> probably well worth the price of purchase for the real thing.
> 73
> Martin, HS0ZED
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> I used to have SatPC32 in Yaesu mode controlling my Flex5K+VU5K and my
> AlfaSpid rotator (in Yaesu mode) via DDUtil until some time ago when Yaesu
> mode was dropped from the acceptable inputs of DDUtil: it now accepts only
> Hy-Gain mode, and SatPC32 does not have a Hy-Gain option because there are
> no Hy-Gain rotators with an Elevation capability.
> Is there some way of having the rotator (on COM2) controlled by two
> different programs: by DDUtil when I am not doing satellite stuff, and by
> SatPC32 when I am working satellites? Maybe with one or more virtual COM
> ports somewhere in the mix -- e.g., both programs driving virtual ports that
> are then linked to the real COM2? The Eterlogic program looks as though it
> might be able to create a suitable setup, but there is no free trial
> available for the 64-bit version.

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