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Lew Sayre lew at dsl-only.net
Sun Jun 17 12:42:34 PDT 2012

    Several years ago I left my US-Tower 589 fully extended so as to work
KH6 on 2M. A thunder cell touched down or a tornado or some nasty wind
folded over the middle section.
I called US Towers and they said officially that the tower should be
scrapped due to the stresses on the other parts of the tower sections,
micro-fractures of welds, etc. etc.
After acknowledging that simply replacing the broken middle section of the
tower would be a travesty, I asked them to ship me an intact middle
section, which they did.
I ran the tower out horizontally, replaced the section and re-strung the
tower.  It has been up ever since successfully although the last time I
retracted it and then elevated it it was acting like a pully had broken or
was trying to seize.
   I don't know the MA-850MDP well enough to guess if it can be
resuscitated or not.
   Always keep in mind that crank-up towers are extremely dangerous and
will try to take off an extremity or your life at any time. Steve's advice
to lube the things regularly is important to do.
       I like the guyed towers you can scamper up and down better, but you
have to use what is best for the situation at hand.
    73 and I remain,
    Lew    W7EW/W7AT

On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 11:43 AM, <K7LXC at aol.com> wrote:

> >  I just had a "us tower" ma-850mdp rope rust-out and break.  The tower
> telescoped straight down. I'll be getting a crane to bring it down. My
> question is what's the chance of it being damaged. 20%...30%...so forth
> and what
> would be damged....
>     Bummer, Dude! The only way you're going to know is  to try to extend it
> once it's horizontal. You may need some heavy duty  chain-hoist type
> pullers to get it apart. The fatal things might be the cable  attachment
> pulleys.
> I'm betting you and a clever welder/machine shop can help  you get it
> working again.
> Cheers & GL!
>  PS - How old was the tower? Had the cables ever been lubricated?  (Next
> time use PreLube on the cables annually and avoid this problem.) Do you
>  live
> in a hostile cable environment (salt water, air pollution, etc.)?
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