[TowerTalk] best way to apply PreLube

gdaught6 at stanford.edu gdaught6 at stanford.edu
Sun Jun 17 15:05:03 PDT 2012

Bob wrote...

> I would like to know from others in the Tower Talk group how they apply Prelube to their crank up tower cables.
> The last time I treated the cables I think only 50% made it in the cable, hihi.   
> Any easy way to do this without getting PreLUbe all over the place ?  

I took a big plastic funnel and cut a lengthwise slot (about 1/4" wide) in it, so that I 
could slip it over the cable.  Then I hold the bottom of the funnel against the cable, 
I've got a low leakage (OK, pretty drippy) funnel whose spout is almost occluded by 
the cable.  When I spray the lubricant, the overspray gets caught by the funnel and 
runs down onto the cable.  

It saves a lot of the lube, but not all.  Give it a try.


George T Daughters, K6GT
CU in the California QSO Party (CQP)
October 6-7, 2012

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