[TowerTalk] Tower Re-Cabling

EZ Rhino ezrhino at fastmovers.biz
Sun Jun 17 19:06:17 PDT 2012

Here's how Bill does it:


If you scroll to the bottom of the page here http://www.kc4pe.com/amateurshack.htm   (it takes a while to load) you can see some more details. Hope he doesn't mind me sharing the photo.  


> While this subject has no doubt been covered at some juncture in the 
> past, I will ask it again since I have personal and immediate interest 
> in the answers as well as a friend who is about to put up a similar tower.
> My HyGain HG-70 needs new cables. Those on the tower now are 
> galvanized and as I recall these were recommended over stainless 
> steel.  The tower uses TWO 1/4 cables for the bottom and middle 
> section with ONE 3/16" cable for the top section. Are there degrees of 
> durability, quality, longevity, with respect to these cables?  I am 
> not talking about walking into Harbour Freight or Home Depot and 
> buying some imported stuff. And there are local shops that can make 
> them to length with the nico-pressed  ends.  But beyond that, what is 
> the best cable to use and is there a dealer where these are available 
> that one can rely on getting quality cables that will last 5-7 years 
> in a salt water/air environment such as here in Florida?  Thanks in 
> advance...  - Mike
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