[TowerTalk] Rotors

Steve Jarrett k4fj at wildblue.net
Sat Jun 23 14:13:36 PDT 2012


I am considering an antenna change and I would like to consider beefing up
my rotator from the present T2X.

I would be interested in comments on using a Yaesu 2800 vs T2X.  While I
have not finalized on the antenna, I am considering a 4 el SteppIR and I
think the T2X is marginal.

Also, I would appreciate info on Alpha Spid and Prositel rotators with
respect to using in my Rohn 45 tower(s).  Is the mounting of either/both
rotators different than T2X.  And, if you recommend either Alpha Spid or
Prosistel, which model?

Any other comments are welcome unless they relate to my sanity.


73, Steve, K4FJ

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