[TowerTalk] Windload Planning for Towers

Larry Loen lwloen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 12:48:29 PDT 2012

What wind load should I actually plan for?

Officially, it seems like the world is migrating to a 90 MPH
(momentary) standard.  That leaves me at 11 square feet in my
location.  But, the advertizing (at more like 50 MPH) suggests I can
go up to 30 square feet without fuss with my HDX 572.  Of course, they
are taking no risks in stating something like that.

Keep in mind that this is probably the only time in my life I'll have
the money to put up a tower like this.  So, I'm not interested in a
design point that says I wasn't aggressive enough if it doesn't blow
down someday.

I want this thing to be standing 30 years from now, but I don't want
to have the thing at 25 feet all its life either.

I will eventually be operating remotely, so what I need to do in my
case is plan to erect the thing and largely leave it there at whatever
height (and antenna array) I deploy.  So, I need to plan on 64 to 72
feet of height here, depending on some of my choices.

What do people on this reflector actually plan for and why?

Larry Wo0Z

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