[TowerTalk] First Tower (mostly, what rotor to buy, other things)

K7LXC at aol.com K7LXC at aol.com
Mon Jun 25 20:48:14 PDT 2012

>  OK, the consensus seems to be:

>  M2 is  beefier, more readily serviced than Yaesu.  Get the alternate 
controller if  you can.
    YES. The OEM controller is something only the  design engineer could 
love. The GH is the way to go. 
    Also, the mast clamp has 2 fatal flaws. I  offer one that is many times 
better. _http://www.championradio.com/shop/Miscellaneous.7_ 
(http://www.championradio.com/shop/Miscellaneous.7)  for  more info.
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