[TowerTalk] First Tower (mostly, what rotor to buy, other things)

Larry Loen lwloen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 15:58:47 PDT 2012

OK, to yet again recap (and my thanks for all the fine help and advise):

1.  Getting the M2 from Array Solutions so I can get the Green Heron
controller (even for openers, it actually has USB support.  Modern! )

2.  Get the 15 foot mast.  Reconsidering this one. Right now, the
consensus seems to be to NOT exceed the 90 MPH wind load.  If so, and
if the mast only goes two or three feet into the top section (where
the rotor ends up), there's still plenty of room for a single antenna,
even with an over-the-top truss.  10 feet may be enough; but I suppose
the added windload is not consequential if I go with 15 anyway.

3.  Get the LXC clamp for the M2.  At 160 bucks, it looks a little
pricey, but it also looks like a tank!  Definitely something to
consider if you don't enjoy cranking down and cranking over the tower.
 Which, not even owning one yet, I'm not looking forward to.

4.  Consider having the anchor bolts welded to some rebar that, in
turn, is attached to the cage.  I would like to do this one, but
wonder if I really can.  A great ground and hopefully solves the
stability problems, too, for the pour.  Time's a wasting here and I
don't know if I can get the inspector to approve the change so late in
the day or how long the delay would be to get an adjustment.
Moreover, the concrete is due next week, but perhaps I can put that
off.  If I decide NOT to do this, the question would be the best
alternative (as per Up the Tower).  It looks like a series of ground
rods going out from the tower is what's recommended in there.  More
thought and (at least at present) a bit of a time crunch.

Today, I have a KT36XA antenna to put up.  Used, but in fine shape and
mostly assembled.  I just have to reassemble it.  I think I'll be OK
for a while with just that and the wire antennas I can have on the
attachment for that.  Maybe a trap dipole or a Windom for "something"
on the WARC bands.  That will get me started.

A little farther out...

I am looking at the Steppir's, but with the rated wind loads, the
Force 12 Delta 6BA
 looks like probably what I want longer term (when I resupply the
wallet a ways).

Main "give up" with the Force 12 (if I continue to take the wind load
seriously and want all the height) would be surrendering 6 meters.
But the specs on the rest of the ham bands seem to be something to
behold.  I would need to get a Monstir (not at my windload rating, or
not without lowering the tower quite a bit) to match it, but that one
would have 6m too.  There are lesser Steppir's, but not the same
specs.  I'm wondering if the Force 12 would be lower maintenance as
well.  I've used Force 12 before (non-Yagi) and generally like them,
but each product is a new adventure.

This part I do have time to consider...

Larry Wo0Z

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